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    1979 Scanlens

    Thanks mate. I wasn’t aware of that post.
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    1979 Scanlens

    Hi everyone Does anyone know why card no2 Steve Mortimer is in with the St George cards in this set? The rest of the Bulldogs cards continue on from no132. Cheers, Adam
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    PM sent.
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    Baseball Lonhro's MLB wanted list

    2015 Topps First Pitch - Insert set
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    lonhro's want list

    Yep, definitely up to date.
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    lonhro's want list

    Bump - First update for a long time.
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    Penrith Colectormania November 3rd

    Where is the show moving to after February mate? Penrith is a pretty good spot.
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    lonhro's want list

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    2019 Elite - Concept

    How about Ref cards? Just kidding 🤣🤣🤣
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    lonhro's want list

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    lonhro's Sale Thread

    Bump - new cards added, More coming.
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    Over packaging

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    2018 Traders - PREDICTOR SHARE # 5 - FULL!!!

    Thanks Mark - really appreciate that! Will get it off to you this morning.
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    2018 Traders - PREDICTOR SHARE # 5 - FULL!!!

    Keep me in mind for Raiders if you do a 6th. Would love to get on board.