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    Completed Bandit / GCdogg05

    Deal! And thanks.
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    Newbie Box Break 18/19 Hoops

    Thanks all! Coopz - be one those probably not worth all that much but will hang on to. Thinking I might start collecting Ingles. Used to watch him back at the South Dragons. Had a cracking game yesterday! Hard to believe.
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    For Sale/For Trade hacka's Sale & Trade thread new version UPDATED 23/11

    Hi, Price on Jordan 88 and Wilkins jumbo patch /10 please. Thanks!
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    New Member

    Thanks all for the warm welcome! Really enjoying this forum. Matt - Also thinking a bit with those boxes that I’ve come to see now that are north of $500-$1k and the ROI. Obviously though to recoup that and try to make something on top by re-selling is more akin to playing the odds (low odds)...
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    Newbie Box Break 18/19 Hoops

    As per my intro getting back into it slowly and went and bought my first box to crack open. Managed to do it over a few scotches (3 hours of drinking) and had a lot of fun! Just enjoying certain aspects of the cards as a fan like this player was traded and stats. A Joe Inglis playoff game card...
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    New Member

    Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself and share my story as it was quite a big last month. My story won't sound very dissimilar to others from what I've been reading. Early October I was in Adelaide for work as I travel there once a month (from Melbourne). Managed to find my way into a card...
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    Completed Dbmanx - GCdogg05

    Hardaway B/W & Hardaway Skybox signed with PSA & Sean Elliot - get mailed to GCdogg05 Dbmanx gets $10 for cards + $3 for shipping. $13 PayPal cash.
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    For Trade OMG's [ TRADE ] Mid-High End, 1/1's , Rookies

    Wouldn’t mind a price on Wade Rookie and John Starks when you get a chance.
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    2017-18 Panini Revolution NBA Case Break

    Hi Pete. Let me know if you are wanting to depart with the Wilkins auto.
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