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  • Slobby, u there bro??
    yeah's things??
    Mate, long time no hear! Hope you're well. Looking to sell the Pip Dunk asters refractor but not sure what $ to put on it. Got it cheap for $45, your thoughts?
    Had a hua of a time tracking u down!
    Slobby I see natsturner has added a pippeb bgs 8 green pmg to his collection, be that yours? I just sold him my green pmg. Offer too good to refuse.
    looking for the following nrl folders, please let me know
    1992 album
    1994 masters album
    1995 winfield cup tribute album
    1996 series 1 booster set album
    1996 signature gold album

    cheers, jamie
    Slobby ur an absolute fricken champ member on this site and your collection is sicker than aids! That Durian guy is a tossa you're way better than that parrot!
    Hey mate.. Thanks for your message about the hardaways. Do you have some of rarer stuff - autos, game used, numbered etc? I have most of his regular issue stuff. If you can hit me up eith infor about any rarer stuff you have Im sure we can sort something out. Cheers. Locky
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