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    Jayson Tatum PSA 10 Silver Prizm RC

    Hi, I have this card for sale. Ive made several sales through this forum for high end cards. Asking price is $USD1950 which works out to $2850 aussie. The last 4 sales average price is $USD2088 which is $3020 aussie.
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    Michael Jordan Scoring Kings

    Hi guys, the card has sold.
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    My Jaren Jackson Jr PC.

    awesome mate. I just sold a lot of 5 JJJ silvers yesterday.
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    No chance Portland make WCF. There’s a chance Simons gets traded, hopefully to a better situation for him, so don’t give up on him yet
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    Supremacy For Sale

    Hi mate, send me a PM.
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    Michael Jordan Scoring Kings

    Hi Guys, I have a PSA 10 MJ SK available. $2900. PM me if interested.
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    Galactic Advice

    About to complete a sale for my galactic.
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    NBA player of the decade

    all true, steph didnt cause that. he was just the best at it, though you could argue harden is just as good if not better (Given his ability to get to the free throw line). it also wasn't just steph, it was the entire GSW build. ie, having draymond at C, a unique small that could guard bigs...
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    NBA player of the decade

    kids have idolised players for a long time. that doesnt equate to "changing the game". ive also noticed that the only true argument FOR steph in this debate is this subjective idea of "changing the game" or "kids now copy him in the playgrounds". thats a diff argument and doesnt really hold...
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    NBA player of the decade

    yeh, but i disagree with the idea that steph changed the game. he didnt.
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    NBA player of the decade

    i dont agree steph changed the game. the game already had changed. steph was just the glitch in the matrix that had the perfect skill set to exploit the new found efficiencies in the game. even though steph was better and obviously his team accomplished a lot more, if the main argument for...
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    NBA player of the decade

    Steph had 4-5 elite seasons in the decade. LBJ had 10 elite seasons, maybe 9 if u dont include last yr. its not close.
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    Markkanen Nebula Destroyed :(

    so disrespectful to the hobby. would love it if everyone just boycotted his breaks. but wont happen and so his idiotic behavious wont only go unpunished, its getting rewarded.
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    NBA player of the decade

    I do think its a fair argument about who had the best individual season of the decade.
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