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    Looking Max holloway 1st auto

    A friend of mine is hunting this card and any help would be appreciated, cheers
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    In Progress porps & Deaniwikau

    Cards arrived safe and sound, thank you for another great deal.
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    In Progress Dean Iwikau and Acey

    Cards arrived, an error caused by the posties caused a massive delay, otherwise great transaction. Cheers mate.
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    Completed Deaniwikau & porps

    Mail arrived safe and sound. Thank you sir!
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    Completed Deaniwikau & porps

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    In Progress Dean Iwikau and Acey

    Acey to receive paypal $$$ dean to receive jon jones cards
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    UFC 257

    Well deserved win
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    Dustin Poirier Topps Finest 1st Auto, time to sell?

    You could wait until his next fight and sell the week of to try get more but id say hes probably at peak value unless he wins again. Im interested to see what you have for sale mate if youre keen to move some cards, always keen to look! Send me a dm bro
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    Completed devo and Deaniwikau

    Cards received! Great trader.
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    Cancelled Deaniwikau & porps

    Porps to recieve paypal $$& Dean to receive 3 x cerrone and 2x holloway
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    Forest griffin & rich franklin red ink autos

    Looking for round 2 red ink autos of forrest griffin and rich franklin. Also looking for round 1 tim credeur red ink auto. Hit me up and make some money.
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    UFC 2019 UFC Museum

    Cheers for getting back to me, ill pass on ol scotty but appreciate your time mate