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    2019 NZ Rugby TapnPlay Cards

    For sale; Base sets Team sets Forward Power sets Sharp Shooter sets Turnover Masters sets National Pride cards Signature cards Please let me know what your after
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    Tele, pogs & Albums for sale

    I should do, let me check this afternoon
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    Tele, pogs & Albums for sale

    Hi there I have a few Nrl cards left now that I'm shifting my collection to Rugby union. Is there anyone after: Nrl pogs Signed telegraph sets 2008/09/10/11/12 Albums (see pic) Signed Nrl tazo sets 2006 base 2006 holo 2006 3d 2007 Classic 2007 gold 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Sunblest & tip top...
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    Chilis, bunnings, Kelloggs cards plus more

    Hey mate, Just odds and ends, nothing special really. Only thing worth while now is all Nrl pog sets including golds and 80-85% of all tazos that have been signed Also have most telegraph sets both signed and standard plus albums
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    Allan Langer Tip Top card

    In the first comment/post mate
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    Allan Langer Tip Top card

    Hey mate, not sure if there is a difference in the card itself but my understanding is he signed a few during a promo for tiptop. I'm sure there is someone on here will have all the details :)
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    Allan Langer Tip Top card

    I have this card up for auction. Not often these come up at all
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    For Sale Australian Rugby Union Cards IP Clearance $6 each

    Do you have any nz union cards? Not necessarily signed
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    Blockbusters Team Sets

    Not anymore sorry
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    MAGGI Tazos Wanted

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    For Sale Surfing/Rugby Union/Tennis/Formula 1 For Sale

    Hi there, What are you chasing for the below? 1997 Ineda Rugby Union Richard Loe All Blacks Signature Card 1997 Ineda Rugby Union Andrew Mehrtens Super Skills Signature Card 1997 Ineda Rugby Union Sean Fitzpatrick Ultra Gold Legend UGL4 46/500 1997 Ineda Rugby Union Sean Fitzpatrick...
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    MAGGI Tazos Wanted

    Hi Team I am chasing the 3 or 4 Maggi PnG tazo sets that were released If you are able to help please let me know Thanks
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    In Progress Deal with Dyl

    Datsunbrent to pay $10 pp f&f for purchasing SBW ip signed tazo from @Dyl Please pm PayPal details
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    2018 NZ Rugby set - signature cards wanted

    They have pretty much sold out in Australia now I think but I could be wrong. These were not in stores but available through some dealers and tap n play. I have most cards from this set if you are after some?
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