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    In Progress Brian & hector

    Brian gets: 2012-13 Prizm Kawhi Leonard RC 2012-13 Prizm Kemba Walker RC 2012-13 Prizm Jimmy Butler RC @hector gets: 2013-14 Select Giannis Antetokounmpo RC Do you agree?
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    For Trade Giannis Rookies

    I am not selling here, just trading... anyone?
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    In Progress Brian & c_davis

    Brian gets: PayPal c_davis gets: 2016-17 Select 132 Claris LeVert RC 2017-18 Court Kings Fresh Paint Do you agree?
  4. Brian Lee

    Gorgui Dieng

    I got the Prizm RC but I am sure you already have it
  5. Brian Lee

    For Trade Giannis Rookies

    I use current market value
  6. Brian Lee

    For Trade Giannis Rookies

    Looking to trade for rookie cards of NBA hall of famers.
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    Completed Brian & yossie

    Go to the top of the page, click on Feedback, then Trade Manager, find our trade thread, then Leave Feedback Now
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    LF Jonathan Isaac Rookie Cards

    $10 + $3.5 postage = $13.50
  9. Brian Lee

    LF Jonathan Isaac Rookie Cards

    Let me know if you are interested in this? thanks. 2017-18 Court Kings Fresh Paint ? Jonathan Isaac
  10. Brian Lee

    Shaq & Rodman Auto’s

    I have these 2 for sale: 1995 Classic Five Sports Hot Box Autograph NNO Shaquille O'Neal /655 2000-01 Topps Reserve Canvas Autograph Shaquille O'Neal PM if interested.
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    Completed c_davis and Brian Lee

    c_davis gets two more cards: Jamal Murray Prizm RC Terrico White Prestige RC (if I can find it)
  12. Brian Lee

    Looking for bulk lots of magic the gathering

    I have a bunch lying around from 4th edition and a few years onward, what are you paying?
  13. Brian Lee

    Completed Brian & yossie

    Hi Joe, got your cards today, just letting you know that number 59 had a white corner and 90 was an unusually small card. But anyway, I will send out my end of the deal tomorrow.
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