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    Anyone have these Tassie TFL Chickenfeed cards?

    I have 2 full sets now mate. Got the ones I need from a collectables shop in Melbourne, then another full set popped up cheap so grabbed them too.
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    Nostalgic / Retro Series 2 release

    How good would a retro release be if they did current players exactly the same as the 94 release. Plus do 20 gold cards, sigs and even a legend card, all same design. Now that would be cool. I love the idea of a retro release if they pick the right release to cover.
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    Tuck Supremacy

    I've noticed the asking prices on buy now and the actual selling prices from when they sold are quite different. I've made some offers but no sellers are willing to drop much. Guess it's just going to be a waiting game, in my case I will probably never have some of those signature cards, but so...
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    Completed BLOWN8 & SGDN

    Sounds great, thanks.
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    WTB Luke Breust Supremacy patch card

    I have $125 ready to buy a Luke Breust Supremacy patch card. If anyone has one and is willing to sell for this price i can pay straight away. $125 must include postage and patch must be a 2 colour, no texta signature as part of the patch is preferred. Thanks
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    TNP 2018/19 Colour Mismatch

    I didn’t notice because I literally just threw a set in an album and forgot about them. Not the greatest release this one.
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    Completed Johnlow56 and Blown8

    Sounds good. Thanks
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    Supremacy Dees Anzac patches

    That’s just a bit epic mate. Well done 👍
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    For Sale/For Trade Supremacy - sell or trade

    Bump list updated. Throw me an offer.
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    For Trade Delete

    Got a Dear now mate.
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    Supremacy! Tell us what you did.

    Sorry but I already have the Dear Norm Smith.
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    NEW Scanlens release 2019

    That’s a real shame mate because it colours, image and design work pretty well on that one. They have had a fair amount of time to sort this issue out so I seriously can’t believe it’s still happening. Where did you get this from by the way? Haven’t seen this Lethal advertised at all.
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    Supremacy booklets

    Some epic patches in that lot mate. Well done.
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    Pop Vinyls - best place to buy Terminator or Karate Kid

    Thanks for the offer mate, but going with a different idea now. But send me the names of those shops because I'm down that way in 2 weeks so can start to shop for xmas.
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    Pop Vinyls - best place to buy Terminator or Karate Kid

    This weekend mate. But I’m running out of time so might be something for Christmas instead.
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