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    Disney tiles

    Thanks everyone for the generosity. Have acquired all 3, kids will be wrapped.
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    Disney tiles

    Hi all, I am chasing the Jasmine, Jack Jack and Lightning Mcqueen tiles for my nephews. I have tons of Marvel and some sport cards for trade. Cheers.
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    Looking for nice Shaquille o'neal cards

    Don't know value or if it is what you are after, but was planning to auction these on a facebook site, but if you have a price in mind let me know.
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    Any interest in old Seria A cards?

    I havent actually checked but I really doubt it, some teams seem to have more cards than others.
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    Any interest in old Seria A cards?

    Sorry for the delay. Here they are
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    Any interest in old Seria A cards?

    No signatures sorry. Give me a little while and I will dig them out and grab some pics.
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    PS4 - NBA 2k19 and WWE 2k19

    Games gone, jersey still available.
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    Any interest in old Seria A cards?

    I have a folder somewhere of old Italian soccer cards from the early 90s, would there be any interest in this?
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    PS4 - NBA 2k19 and WWE 2k19

    Both games brand new, shipped for $80. Ben Simmons Jersey (Large, Nike, New with tags etc) also available if interested.
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    Hi, I have the following base sets available Complete Avengers Fantastic Four Archives Incredible Hulk – 1991 Marvel Beginnings - Covers breakthrough subset Marvel Bronze Age - 2012 Marvel Creators Collection – 1998 (set of 72, ie no checklist) Marvel Greatest Battles - 2013 Marvel Greatest...
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    Huge dealer lot non sport "case" break!

    Awesome, let us know if there are any big time scores in there! (marvel mirage and what not)
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    Non-sports for trade and want list

    Another bump, looking to sell off some sets/inserts, but of course a trade is always good too.
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    Card trade meet ? are there any ? would there by any interests ?

    Is there still a meet at penrith panthers? That was for sellers who i assume paid to have stalls there, so not sure if that would work in terms of others rocking up and selling also.
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    2016 Non-Sport Cards Outlook

    1. Are you planning on increasing/decreasing the amount of non-sport you collect/buy in 2016? Why? Decreasing or same, only planning on buying 1 or 2 boxes 2. What set/s are you most looking forward to in 2016? Jusko drawn Marvel Masterpieces 3. What pre-2016 cards/sets are you looking at...
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