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2010 Plates and patches

Discussion in 'NFL - Box Breaks' started by markk457, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. markk457

    markk457 OzCardTrader

    Gippsland, Victoria
    Real Name:
    I decided to try a box of 2010 plates and patches
    I was trying to find any gronkowski or hernandez cards that I did not already have

    The packet inside the box was a bit ordinary

    Cederic Benson /499
    Chad Ocho Cinco /499
    Troy Polamalu /100
    Devin Hester Honours /299
    Dorin Dickerson /50

    Dennis Pitta Auto /249
    Peyton Manning gu /299
    Jacoby Ford Auto (Redemption)

    But the encased card was exactly what I was looking for

    Rob Gronkowski - Jumbo Patch Auto - /25
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  2. KTownWildcat

    KTownWildcat OzCardTrader

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    Congrats on the Gronkowski, that man is a beast!

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